Reaseach projects for bachelor and master students

We offer several internship projects. Bachelor students and Master students from ETH Zurich (D-INFK, D-BSSE, D-BIOL, D-MATH), but also mobility students from EPFL are welcome to apply.

Proposed topics include:

  1. Differentially private random survival forests [machine learning]
  2. Post-training calibration of risk measures and survival functions [machine learning]
  3. Infering ploidy and purity of cancer samples [machine learning, C/C++]
  4. Reconstruction of gene regulatory interactions using machine learning [machine learning]
  5. Neural networks for signal deconvolution in cancer transcriptomics data [machine learning]
  6. Deconvolution of epigenetic data from mixed tumor samples [deconvolution, computational methods]
  7. Transcriptional heterogeneity in mesothelioma [data analysis, biology]
  8. Assessing intra-patient methylation in cancer [data analysis]
  9. Creating a package for single malignant cell simulation [machine learning, programming]
  10. Assigning labels to malignant cells using scoring [machine learning]
  11. Assessing the stablity of differential expression analysis under clustering errors in scRNA-seq [data analysis]
  12. Infer copy number variations from single-cell transcriptomics data using Hidden Markov Models [machine learning, programming]
  13. Linking malignant cell signatures and the tumor environment in a spatial context [machine learning, data analysis, biology]
  14. Representing axes of variation at t-SNE and UMAP [programming, short project]
To get more information, please, contact Valentina Boeva directly.